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The Mid Tudor Crisis (1547 – 1558) was a period spanning the reigns of Edward VI and Mary I.

It saw the reign of two very different monarchs. Edward VI (1547 – 1553) was a devout Protestant and a child. His reign witnessed the implementation of much more radical Protestant religious settlement. When he died aged only sixteen in 1553 his regency council tried (and failed!) to place his Protestant cousin, Lady Jane Grey, on the throne. However due to popular support his devout Catholic half-sister, Mary I (1553 – 1558) succeeded to the throne. Her short reign saw the re-establishment of the Catholic Church in England, as well as war and the burning of Protestants who opposed her. When she died in 1558 she was succeeded by her Protestant sister, Elizabeth.


These eleven years, so often overlooked by historians, are the some of the most dramatic and turbulent in English history. It witnessed protest, unrest and large rebellions which threatened crisis for the monarchy. While the period vividly records the affects of religious upheaval, war, famine and public burnings.

Henry and Edward

The course will be broken down into six key topics over the two rulers:

  1. The Stability of the Monarchy: Edward VI
  2. Religion: Edward VI
  3. Rebellion and Unrest: Edward VI
  4. The Stability of the Monarchy: Mary I
  5. Religion: Mary I
  6. Rebellion and Unrest: Mary I

You can find an overview of each unit by going to the unit page using the menu at the top or by clicking the hyperlinks above.  You can access a blog of articles and videos by choosing the appropriate category on the right hand side of this page.

There is a recommended reading list here.



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