Cold War Recommended Reading and Useful Websites

This list is a guide and is not exhaustive.  A lot of the books you can find in the reference library at the back of IT4 or in the school library.  You may not remove the books from IT4 as they are personal copies that belong to teachers.  If you find any other useful books that are not listed here, send Mr Haines the title and author and they will be uploaded to this page.


Useful Books

What We Now Know – John Lewis Gaddis

Cold War: For Forty Years the World Held Its Breath – Jeremy Isaacs and Taylor Downing

Cold WarMartin Mcauley

Europe and the Cold War 1945-1991 – David Williamson

The Cold War – Martin Phillips

Yalte: The Price of Peace – S M Plokhy

Russia, America and the Cold War – Martin Mcauley


Useful Websites – You can create a free account and access 3 articles a month for free. – Has a dedicated section for Cold War articles and videos. – A British museum dedicated to the Cold War

The Wilson Center – Cold War International History Project

The Imperial War Museum

George Washington University National Security Archive – A vast array of useful articles