VA – Armed and ready

One of the nuclear weapons that could have potentially been used was the Hydrogen bomb, it was thousands of times more powerful than the atomic bomb. the first one was tested in Marshall islands where it destroyed the whole island, leaving a one mile crater and long lasting radioactive effects. By 1955 both sides had developed a Hydrogen bomb.

The Soviets were able to reach a stalemate with the Americans due to espionage. For example spies like Melita Norwood who had told them about the Atomic bomb. There where also other spies that informed them about their nuclear plans which saved the Soviets years in advance. For example August 1949 when the Soviets produced their own Atomic bomb called First Lighting.

The external factors that caused the arms were hostility between the superpowers, the effect of nuclear warfare. The internal factors that cause the arms race were it helped to financially improve the country as each sector demanded lucrative orders. This would have led to the arms race when combined because both super powers wanted to respond to the others aggression and so they felt the need to take precautions.The impact of this was that rather than their insecurities being decreased the arms race only fueled it.

During the beginning of the arms race there was the Manhattan project where the US created the weapons that would later on be used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII. I t was meant to be a tool of intimidation at the Potsdam conference of August 1945. Stalin’s response to this was to speed up his own plans for nuclear weapons.

The launch of Sputnik caused the USA to fear how big the missile gap would reach 11 years later in 1960. they estimated that they would only have 30 and the USSR would have 100. Their response to this was to increase the quota, they ended up having 1000 land based missiles 600 in submarines.

ABMs was a defensive system put in place that would ensure that the USA couldn’t use nuclear missiles on targets like Moscow. however they did introduce the 1960s the Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle. this was introduced to help improve the accuracy of the

Some of the dangers of the arm race was mutually assured destruction, the dangers of the race was developing quickly and as time went on the USA began to formulate plans that tried not to involve the use of missiles. The effect this had on the conventional weapons were that they would be essential if the USA couldn’t contemplate the use of the nuclear.

The arms race seemed to be a feature of cold war politics because it showed how each side where trying to defend their country but still be diplomatic by looking for other methods than nuclear weapons.


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