RBM – Truman Doctrine and Greece

In 1941 Greece has been taken over by the Communist government who created the national Liberation Front(EAM) who thought against the National Republic Greek League(EDES).

In 1944, there had been a civil war attack between the monarchists and communists. Despite resistance from the communists( also known as the EAM), Britain had helped Greece to restore their power as the EDES were afraid of a communist takeover. Stalin had kept his agreement with Churchill that he wouldn’t invade Greece and to leave it as an area of British influence. This was known as a percentage agreement)However, the communist governments of Yugoslavia and Albania( Greek Democratic Army (DSE))did send aid leaving the west convinced that this was a sign of soviet expansion. There was believed to be firm action needed which was something Britain was finding hard to sustain their its overseas commitments as they owed £3000 million in debt sue to the war against Germany.

In 1947 they had warned USA that they couldn’t maintain their troops in Greece. They were left with the prospect of British withdrawal leading to a communist takeover which led to the Truman doctrine being brought into place.

In March 1947, Truman issued a statement which declared that ‘ it must be the policy of the United states to support free people who are resisting subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.’ The Truman Doctrine was a response to the Greek Civil war but it was designed to have a wider application to contain communism from spreading westward. Truman saw a straight forward choice between two alternatives: communism and democracy. Communism is essentially the idea that everything is controlled by a dictator making sure that everything was distributed equally. Whereas, democracy was the idea of free- freedom of speech, vote, etc. Communist forces were attempting to overthrow a democratic government through the use of a coalition government, the USA would take action to prevent this from occurring. Truman was willing to support any government providing it was anti-communist.

USA aid and military advisers were sent to Greece and eventually managed to defeat communism. This had caused tension within the alliance as during the Yalta and Potsdam conference it was agreed that they would leave Greece alone. But, due to Stalin’s greed he tried to take over leaving Britain and the US to not trust any of his actions.

To Stalin the Truman Doctrine was evidence of Us imperialism which was then reinforced when the Marshall Aid Plan was launched in spring 1947 by George c. Marshall which was enforced to provide US financial support to war_town Europe> All countries in Europe were eligible for Marshall Aid but conditions attached made it impossible for the communist stater of Eastern Europe to apply. Over $17 billion were provided to help contain the spread of communism



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