LB – COMINFORM and the Takeover of Eastern Europe

The Paris Negotiations 16th July 1917

The British and French asked for a conference in Paris. Sixteen Western countries including Greece and Turkey were represented. Stalin asked Molotov to pull out of the conference. Bevin called an emergency meeting in Paris after Western European countries had asked for too much money. They set up an Advisory Steering Committee which would help meet the U.S requirements.  Stalin was not interested in going to conference as there were talks on the Marshall Plan and capitalist ideas that Western European countries put forward. At the Paris conference there were talks on the Marshall aid and what and how the U.S were going to help the other countries.

Stalin’s response

Stalin’s response to the Paris conference would end his cooperation with the united states of America. He set up his own conference in 1947 in Poland.  Molotov said that the  Marshall plan was actually ‘Dollar Imperialism’. Cominform was set up in 1947 and was to bring together all communist parties. Stalin wanted to link together the soviet and communist governments to complete Sovietisation. Two years later in 1949 Comicon was set up. This was to bring together all the soviet governments economies, however it was not till later that the actual idea of it was put into place. This was all in response to the Marshall plan which was seen as to help the capitalist countries. This created a clear divide between the two countries. Part of sovietisation was to keep tight control of Baltic countries this included large attacks on their religion, culture and way of living. In the end Stalin created a large deportation of Baltic people, 90,000 people were sent away.

The takeover of Eastern Europe

Stalin took over eastern countries by inserting his own communist government into the country. He did this with Poland which had its previous government in London by setting up his own provisional government of National unity in June 1945. No one could Stop Stalin as the U.S and Britain had agreed to leave Poland alone

In 1948 communists take power in Czechoslovakia. This was not necessary  done by Stalin but there was a change in sides of ideological beliefs within the country. It was not formally within the Soviet sphere of influence. This did raise awareness from the U.S government as they were worried how Stalin would take control of this country. Because of this the U.S stopped any loans they had been giving Czechoslovakia but this created anger throughout the country as it made lots of them believe that they would now be led to soviet influence more easily. By February 1948  the government tried very hard to hold their country together but failed and gave into communist demands. By February 25th the elections were rigged and Czechoslovakia was a one party state.

In 1947 the Soviet union took over Hungary. In 1945 the non-communists won the election however the Communist leader, appointed by Stalin, Rakosi took control of the secret police.  This allowed him to gain power and lead to him executing or arresting his opponents. The non-communist government were forced to resign and by 1948 Rakosi was the new leader of Hungary.  Other countries that were taken over were Albania, Bulgaria and Romania all between 1945 to 1947.


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