After Marshall’s speech, Britain and France had arranged a conference in Paris to discuss the involvement of American aid. Stalin feared that this was an attempt by the US to interfere with domestic affairs of the Eastern states; this made him send Molotov to Paris to discuss further details with Britain and France.  The Soviets wanted financial aid from America without any conditions; this was difficult as Britain and France should draw up a joint programme for spending the aid. Molotov rejected this and left. Bevin had observed Molotov’s departure and believed that this was the beginning of the making of “the Western Block.”


Stalin reacted harshly towards Marshall plan as it goes against Stalin’s wishes of having a soviet sphere of influence. He reacted to this by enforcing “dollar imperialism,” a way of forcing communism to much of eastern Europe, he had  incorporating much of eastern Europe under soviet control through the  use of the red army and the decline of coalition governments.

The Communist Information Bureau (COMINFORM) was established in 1947  to promote ideological unity between Communist parties in Europe. A majority of eastern European countries as well as the French and Italian parties joined. The main goal of cominform was to complete sovietisation of the soviet satellite states and to coordinate communist activities around the world

Comecon, The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, was later founded in 1949 by the USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Its main goal was to integrate the economies of eastern Europe and the USSSR.

These helped Stalin take over eastern Europe as this helped him have a large number of coomunist countries under his control; the establishment of cominform and cominterm had also aided him as they helped him regulate these countries and spread communist ideals in eastern Europe and elsewhere.


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Stalin installed communist governments in much of eastern europe, these communist governments would later dominate in politics and took power. To maintain their power, the communist party controlled the red army, set up a secret police force, and arrested any oppositionists. Non communists were gradually beate, mudered, excecuted and terrified out of power. Comintern was then established in 1947 by Stalin as a response to Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech; Comintern was a an alliance of communist countries and was designed to regulate these countries and to ensure that they obeyed Soviet rule.

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