AB – Development of the Cold War 45-48

The Greek Civil was fought from 1946 to 1949; this was a battle fought between the Greek government army (supported by Britain and USA) and  the democratic army of Greece (supported by the USSR), moreover Greece was in the west sphere of influence, and because of there position on the map, Greece could’ve been used as a buffer zone that helped protect the USSR. Furthermore, in terms of the west suggesting that Stalin was involved in Stalinist expansion in the country, was correct as Stalin set up comintern that encourage other communist believers, to help undermined capitalist believe; also in 1947 Stalin set up cominform which basically helped coordinate actions between communist parties under Soviet directions and belief. As the  Greek civil was going on Britain called on support of the US as they were bankrupt, and founded it hard to pay for weapons and supplies

Truman doctrine

In 1947 USA was becoming alarmed by the growth of soviet power, so when Britain told USA that they can no longer afford to keep their soldiers in Greece, Truman came up with a solution. In March 1947 Truman gave a speech that declaring that USA was going to help countries financially who feared of communist take over. This speech was called the Truman Doctrine.

Marshall Plan

In June 1947 general Marshall went to Europe with the task of reporting the main problems that was causing the spread of communism. When he came back, he said to President Truman that every country in Europe who was poor, was in danger of becoming communist.  Thus at the time Truman believe communism best worked when a country was financial trouble, so Truman and Marshall agreed to give 17 billion dollars to Europe in hope that their economy would reform and communism wouldn’t spread. Furthermore, the USSR were angry by this aid and made sure that all the countries under soviet influence were to refuse the Marshall aid.


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