AB – Arms race 1945-1983

The arms race started when USA built the atomic bomb in 1945 July the 16th; due to the Hiroshima attack, the USSR felt threaten as the Americans had nuclear superiority. To end the paranoia of a possible US nuclear attack, the USSR lunches it’s first A-bomb in August 1949; the Americans hear about this and in 1952 the make the hydrogen bomb. The development of the H-bomb could be argued to be the main reason for tension in Europe, as both super-weights were trying to outdo one another through weaponry. That is how the Arms race began; here are other weapons that were made over the course of 45 to 83;

  •  First ICBM missiles launched by the USSR (August 21st  1957)
  •  In response USA develop ICBM technology ( 9th July 1959)
  •  USSR detonates Tsar Bomba (October 1961) this was used for show as they wanted to intimidate the West.
  •  USSR places long range missiles in Cuba, which is a threat to USA as Florida is close to Cuba. This was the start of the Cuban missile crisis
  •  USSR develop the ABM system (1968)
  •  USSR develop the MIRV systems (1968)
  •  In response the USSR develops their own MIRV system in (1975)
  • https://www.preceden.com/timelines/38842-cold-war-arms-race

Space Race was a competition between USA and USSR to see who could reach space and explore it first. On October 4th 1957 the USSR became the first country to start the space race, by launching the first sputnik; this was the first earth satellite. They then sent sputnik two which could carry an animal to space e.g. a dog( they were the first to do so)

On January 31st 1958 USA official entered the space race when they launched explorer one. This was the first US satellite to reach orbit; hence it carried scientific equipment that led to the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belt. furthermore, on October first  1958 NASA ( National Aeronautic and Space Administration) was founded.

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