YK – Truman Doctrine

Greece, at the time, was in the British sphere of influence.  This was agreed by Stalin in return for the British not interfering in Poland.

During the Greek Civil War the monarchists (supported by the British) were fighting against Communist forces. However when British troops could no longer aid Greece against its attack on the communists( due to the economic aftermath of the second world war) Britain warned America that this could lead to another country being taken over by communism, something the west did not want happening and so the US president( Harry S. Truman) sent aid to Greece due to the announcement of the Truman Doctrine. The start of the civil war began in Athens on 3rd December 1944 less than 2 months after the Germans retreated. The war involved the  Democratic army of Greece (DSE) against the Greek communist Party (KKE). The (KKE) party had been funded by Yugoslavia and Albania as well as Bulgaria whereas the Greek army  Greece in the end was funded by the US, through the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan. The Truman Doctrine was a policy issued by the US President in 1947, this had stated that America would aid any country or government under attack by armed minorities. It was created in order to stop the spread of communism. This was used in the Greek civil as the US had helped send aid and military advisers to Greece to help the monarchist government against the KKE. Which was Truman’s response to the British plea of aid.

The Marshall plan was created by George Marshall (the new secretary state) during the spring of 1947. The purpose of the MArshall plan was to provide aid other counties experiencing serious struggles, as Marshall had witnessed serious economic and general suffering whilst travelling through western Europe . This plan was called “the most unselfish act in history” by Churchill although America had other ideas behind their generous act. Without financial aid from America, Europe would not be able to trade and purchase goods from America however the economic situation was not the only reason for Americas generosity, there was also a political purpose, The US saw poverty as the ideal breeding ground of communism and many European countries would be susceptible to communism.

However this aid was only given to capitalist countries  not all European counties, this allowed the Soviet Union to believe that the Marshall plan was actually a direct attack on communism as Americas aid was not given to the country until they change their political system. Tyhis had shown Ameirca to be munipulative as they were using Europe’s bad economic situation against them in a bid to stamp out communism , this was shown to be the opinion of Molotov. He believed that the plan was dollar imperialism and Americs sad simply trying to exploit EUropes economic problems which is shown to be in an extent true due to the behaviour the US had been showing towars the communist countries in need.

Although Ameirca had only know been looking out for its interests as well as fellow capitalist countries it was only protecting  it’s self and the rest of Europe and its allies from communism.

USSR was not allowed to directly intervene with Greece as both Stalin and Churchill had agreed it was within the British sphere of influence. However this did not stop the west from believing that Stalin was involved by influencing Yugoslavia into aiding the KKE.

The Paris peace conference in 1948-49 had discussed various topics about the status of Italian colonies although they did not agree on that matter although they did agree to lift the Soviet blockage of Berlin.


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