Consequences of the Berlin airlift

The Berlin airlift made the division between Germany very vivid to all who cared to know. The Berlin airlift resulted in the formation of NATO (the north Atlantic treaty organisation). This was created as it made it coherent by the West in order to prepare for the Soviet potential aggression or threat towards the West. In April 1949. the West opened talks with Canada and the countries of Western Europe for the purpose of military alliances. However, Josef Stalin saw the formation of NATO as a threat to soviet expansion and communism worldwide and so Stalin responded by the Soviet explosion of the atomic bomb in August 1949 mainly to balance armed superiority within both the two superpowers.

Another, inevitable consequence of the division of Germany. Germany was split into two states and were controlled either by the East or the West. The temporary division established at Yalta and the Potsdam conference were now made reality and permanent. In August 1949, the three western zones of Germany merged together to become the Federal Republic of Germany commonly known to be controlled by the West hence the name West Germany. Moreover, the Soviet zone created the German Democratic Republic which was known as East Germany. This was known for a division that lasted approximately for forty years.


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