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Consequences of the Berlin Airlift:

  • Deterioration of East-West relations to their worst point since 1945
  • Psychological boost for the western powers (having succeeded in defending Berlin)
  • The formation of NATO and the coordination of the West’s defences
  • Division of Germany: the establishment of the German Federal Republic in August 1949 and the German Democratic Republic in September 1949-The iron curtain became reality
  • Long-term commitment of the USA to the protection of Europe: military garrisons in NATO countries

Results of the Berlin Blockade:

  • Countries (in the west) began to prosper under ‘Marshall aid’ and there was a huge economic gap between the East and the West
  • West Berlin continued being a show stock of capitalism and more than 30 000 East Germans moved to West Berlin in 1961
  • The survival of East Germany became so dire and resulted in to the government building the Berlin Wall

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