Consequences of the Berlin Airlift.

This article states that one consequence of the berlin airlift was the formation of NATO, whereby the western nations who were against communism mutually joined the organisation to protect one another from aggressors. The creating of NATO was a response to the Berlin blockade, yet it can be argued that it also demonstrated the west’s ‘military unreadiness’, which led them onto making definite preparations.

Moreover, the creation of the FRG by the West resulted in Stalin counterattacking it by also forming his own state, the GDR. The formation of the GDR was a response to the Berlin airlift as it showed to Stalin that not only did the West go against his wishes in keeping Germany as one united state, but they also challenged the blockade and sent in food and supplies to a region that was under his sphere of influence. This then led onto greater tension between the Soviet and the US. Both were very wary of the other and not realising they were doing so, a great, thick web of tension and suspicion was being weaved.  Berlin, as a result of the blockade and following airlift, became a symbol of the allies’ willingness to contain and crush communist influence and expansion. It also became apparent to Stalin that the West disregarded him and what he had to say, that they only had in mind what would benefit them and them only (for example, the forming of the FRG)


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