Consequences of the Berlin Airlift

The Berlin Airlift was the Western Allies response to the Berlin blockade. It was a huge operation for eleven months in which food supplies were transported and flown into West Berlin by British, French and American planes. One plane landed in West Berlin every three minutes. There are many factors that resulted to the Berlin Blockade and later the Berlin Airlift. One of the reasons was the formation of Tri-zonia ( USA, France and Britain zones became one) and also it was due to the failure of the London Conference in December 1947 the Western allies formed the West German state. This highlighted the division of East and West Germany. Furthermore, the West introduced their own currency the Deutschmark without informing Stalin, which resulted in the Berlin Blockade. The West responded with the Berlin Airlift in which 5620 tons of food was flown in everyday.

As a result of the Berlin Blockade it resulted in the formation of the two German states. Stalin was not able to prevent the West from establishing their own West German state which was known as the Federal Republic of German (FRG), as a result Stalin created its separate state known as German Democratic Republic (GDR). In addition to that USA established the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in 1949 which was a military alliance between allies across Europe in which they agreed to defend each other in case of foreign aggression. Moreover, after the blockade was removed the economic gap between the East and West was highly evident, due to this large numbers of skilled workers fled from East Germany to the West. By 1961 at least 30,000 workers fled to the West. The East government had to act fast to prevent more people fleeing to the West as the survival of East Germany was threatened by this. The governments solution to this was to build the Berlin Wall.





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