Consequences of the Berlin Airlift

The idea of the Berlin Airlift being active angered Stalin, but he intended not to do anything as he wanted to avoid war with Britain and the USA. Both Britain and USA have been giving exports to West Germany through the use of planes in order to pass through the blockade, restoring their economy as West Germany was in complete ruin.

Since Stalin wasn’t prepared to go to war, he had little options to choose from. They formed a talk with the Foreign Ministers and finally reached an agreement to end the blockade of the West Germany.

They they decided to create their own German States, which are the Federal Republic of Germany, made by 3 Western powers. They helped with exports, security questions and foreign policies in Western Germany before letting them become independent.

Stalin created a German State to counter the Western power’s state of Germany, He called it The German Democratic Republic.  He was reluctant to set up a separate East German state as he insisted to prevent British and Us plans for West Germany and intend to create a neutral pro-Soviet Germany. He would have given it a great degree of independence but it was just a temporary step to allow an eventual German unity. He was in fear that the creation of East German state would make this division of Germany final, which he didn’t wish for.

Because of the Airlift, the consequence led to further more tensions being made, such as the building of 2 separate States of Germany, which both powers are keen to build up on. However, if the Airlift was not removed, West Germany would continuously receive more support from Britain and USA, increasing the fear for Stalin that Germany may raid USSR once again if it returns to power.  On the other hand, building their own states of Germany prevents confrontation occurring between the two powers, therefore the consequence of may be beneficial to USA and USSR.

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