Consequences of the Berlin airlift

In the years of  June 24th 1948 to May 12th 1949 the Berlin airlift took place. It was a 11 month mission where nearly every 3 minutes planes took of carrying food, clothes, blankets for the people of West Berlin. After the Second World War, Berlin had been massively affected by bombing, making living conditions difficult. Those who chose to stay would have to liver under the new regime of the Western or Eastern powers. Although Berlin was in the soviet sector the Western powers felt like they were entitled to their share of the capital, hence it was spilt in to four zones: France, Britain, USA and USSR.

There were many factors that contributed to the Berlin Blockade that later lead to the Berlin Airlift. Some of these triggers were the formation of Tri-zonia, the new currency (the deutschmark),  the difference in aims when the West wanted to rebuild Germany and the East wanted to take heavy reparations. By the 1st of April, Stalin had blocked all roads, canal anything that allowed access to West berlin.

A consequence of the Berlin Blockade was the formation of NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization), this was formed to deter Stalin to show that America were serious about containing the spread of communism and that they would go to great lengths to achieve their goal.

Another consequence would have been the breakdown of communications between both countries. They could never really recover from this, although there wasn’t a hot war, the iron curtain now became a reality. Until 1990, Germany had been split into two countries East and West Germany. After that the two superpowers started an arms race trying to beat each other in the development of nuclear weapons. Only after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, did Khrushchev and Kennedy have a hot line were they could communicate.


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