JS – Consequences of the Berlin Airlift

With the ever building tensions between the USA and USSR looming, the Berlin blockade acted as the first physical move in the global game of chess. After the blockade was created, the world looked to the west, waiting to see how they would answer the Soviet call.

The decision was made to commence an airlift of supplies into Berlin. This was a decision aiming to prevent a war. However, at the end of the airlift we see that Europe was closer to war than it might have seemed. The shooting down of one Western plane would have pulled the world into an atomic war of death and chaos. There were other consequences outlined here

The four main consequences include:

  1. Cold War got worse

    It almost started an all-out war.

  2. East and West Germany

    Germany split up.   In May 1949, America, Britain and France united their zones into the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany).   In October 1949, Stalin set up the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) .

  3. NATO and the Warsaw Pact

    In 1949, the western Allies set up NATO  (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) as a defensive alliance against Russia. NATO countries surrounded Russia; in 1955, the Soviet Union set up the Warsaw Pact – an alliance of Communist states.

  4. Arms Race

    After Berlin, the USA and the USSR realised that they were in a competition for world domination.   They began to build up their armies and weapons.

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