Consequences of the Berlin Blockade and Berlin Airlift.

Berlin Blockade

Formation of the two new German states.

Stalin had failed in his attempt to deter the Western states from establishing the Federal Republic of Germany(FRG). Therefore, Stalin had no option but to create a Communist East Germany, the German Democratic Republic(GDR), in retaliation to the establishment of the Federal Republic of Germany.

 The Formation Of NATO.

In response to what the US deemed the threat of communism, the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was established as an alliance against the Soviet Union. NATO included France, Britain and the US, as well as a number of other non-communist countries and subsequently, in 1955 the Warsaw Pact was created by the Soviet Union as a defensive alliance against NATO, which included many of the Soviet Union’s neighbouring countries and allies.

Both consequences reinforced the clear divide between the superpowers and the Berlin blockade itself could have been seen as an omen for the decades of tension that were to come.

Further reading on the consequences of the Berlin can be found in this article.

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