Consequences of the Berlin Airlift

In 1949 when the blockade was lifted by Stalin there were many consequences. Firstly this action taken by Stalin was seen as a moral defeat and looked as if Stalin was becoming soft in some peoples eyes. Even though the blockade was raised the west still kept the airlift running for a couple of months to stock up on food in case the blockade was re-imposed.

On August the 24th 1949 NATO the North Atlantic Treaty organisation was set up by the west in retaliation to the blockade which only created more tension between the sides and there was more of a line between them now. Not a consequence but the western side continued to gain from Marshall aid which is not what Stalin wanted. However as a result of this people from east Berlin started to move to west berlin because of what they could see. This was known as the brain drain and did not look good for communism. 30,000 East Germans a month were moving. This would eventually lead on to the Berlin  wall.

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