Cold War development 1945-56, Greece, the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan


During WW2 Britain had troops in Greece. Stalin had kept his agreement with Churchill that Greece was an area of British influence. Since 1944 there had been a civil war in Greece between the monarchists and the communists. But Britain helped restore power to the royal government. However, Britain could no longer afford to keep troops in Greece and instead asked the U.S to take over. The us military advisers were sent to support Greek government . Truman thought that Greece was being threatened by communism and quickly went to help to show how they felt against the Soviet Union.

The Truman Doctrine

On March 12th 1947 Truman went to Congress to explain the Doctrine and said that ‘it must be the policy of the united states to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures’.  Truman asked for $400 million in assistance of the doctrine  and this was later agreed to two months later. He believed that The Truman Doctrine would give military and economic assistance to protect countries from communist takeover.

The Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan was set up in the spring of 1947 by George Marshall who was the new US secretary of state. The reason it was set up was because when George Marshall visited western Europe he was appalled to see the economic problems that countries were facing and so wanted to help the countries get back on their feet. Because America were so linked up with western Europe they were afraid that if they let these countries not recover then this would have a knock on affect with America(especially to do with trading). America also saw that if countries were deprived then it would be more easy for countries to turn to communism. Some people however saw this Doctrine as Dollar Imperialism and it was a way of America gaining control. The soviet union replied to this by creating Cominform that helped organise communist group throughout eastern countries. As well as that he also set up Comicon which gave economic help to the countries as well. Foreign Minister Molotov soon after the Marshall aid was announced made it very clear that soviets  had objections against the plan. Molotov wanted to know how much money America was giving each country but Britain and France would not share this information.


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