What was the Truman Doctrine ?


Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan,1947

This article explains the reasons of why the Marshall Plan was invested and what exactly it represented. The Truman Doctrine was invented in 1947 to the West to prevent Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe, this was evident in the events in Greece 1947 when the communists fought the Monarchist to promote Soviet expansion even though the Big three had agreed that Greek was an area of British influence. The humanitarian purpose of the Truman Doctrine was set up in March 1947 as a policy to help free countries that were under the dominion of the soviet union and outside pressures. The Truman Doctrine was not only just set up in relation to Greece but was set up to other countries similar to Greece, so Truman decided to take action on wherever the Soviet-Union attempted to dominate especially countries who were anti-communist. Stalin saw this as US imperialism (a view reinforced by the launching of the Marshall Plan.)

Marshall Plan

Marshall Plan was set up in the spring of 1947 by George Marshall who was known as the US secretary of State. The Marshall Plan sprung from George Marshalls account of the devastation and economic suffering as he travelled in Western Europe. And so, as a result he believed that economic support  and aid was desperately needed. The plan involved large sums of US money to help those European countries. However, the Marshall plan had other motives and aims which was to help the US economy from collapsing due to the threat of the economic recession in the US. Moreover, it is said that without financial  assistance, Europe would have the inability to act as a market for US goods. In addition, Americans also discovered that the advantage that the Soviet-Union had had was because of poverty which they saw as the breeding ground for Communism and if they were then able to solve the solution of poverty, then countries would not need to depend on communism. In the Marshall aid , it provided assistance to any European country to apply but its main focus was on western areas of Europe because this aid insisted a fundamental change in the communist system, Stalin viewed this as a mere attack on the soviet expansion and communism.

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