who was to blame for the cold war?

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  • soviet historians blamed the usa for starting the cold war
  • Traditionalists blamed the USSR for beginign the cold war
  • Revisionalists were western writers who blamed the USA for starting the cold war
  • One famous Revisionalist was William Appleman who published his “tragedy of American Diplomacy
  •  Post-Revolutionist believed that both the USA and the USSR had caused the coldwar due to misunderstanding from both sides
  • Historians such as John Lewis Gladis, Martin P. Leffler and Mark Trachtenberg were famous historians who were post revisionalist. John believed that the cold war was due to a misunderstanding from both countries, Martin saw the cold war as a way for both USA and the USSR to seek world domination whilst Trachtenberg claimed that the cold war was about settling the German question after world war two
  •  Recent Soviet documents, founded by Russian historians Vladvislav Zubok and Constantine Pleshavok, portrayed the cold war to be a clash of ideologies

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