Who was to blame for the Cold War?

The article can be found here … http://www.academia.edu/9357517/Who_was_to_blame_for_the_Cold_War

There were 3 reasons for why the cold war could have begun:

USSR : This is so because Stalin had desired to dominate the world under Communism. His takeover of Eastern Europe was seen to be his first step towards this.

USA : This is so because the USA wanted to control and influence her sphere of influence with out any intervention by another nation but she wouldn’t allow the USSR to do the same for her sphere of influence. As a result, any action taken on the part of the USSR is seen to be defensive. The USA did not allow for the soviets to regain their lost strength as they lost 20 million and were under constant threat of invasion from Germany, who had invaded Russia three times in the past.

Both/Neither : This is so because the Cold War is seen to be an inevitable war that was beyond the control of the two.


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