The Soviet threat was a myth

This article from The Guardian, digs up the pasts of the cold war. They reveal their take on who was to really blame for weaving the web of tension that covered over Europe for decades.

The author argues that they believe the west, Britain and usa, to hold responsibility for initiating the cold war, for their leaders, Truman and Churchill, were openly aggressive and ‘hostile’ in their moves against stalin. It is stated that Truman, who saw the Russian occupation of countries in the west as evil, wanted ‘no compromise with evil’, chiefly referring to the communist nation of the west. This clearly outlines that Truman had no means of negotiating with Russia because, firstly, Truman wasn’t able to understand that the main reason for stalins interference of other nations in the west was for the future security of the soviet state, and secondly he believed that the soviets way of governing was a threat to the usas free market, hence labelling them as ‘evil’. Moreover, trumans resentment is further evident where his 12 points were aimed at the Soviet and their rule over nations in the east, ‘’but exclusive US domination of its own sphere of influence was righteous.’’. the author argues that the usa were being hypocritical, awaiting the ussr to remove their army in its occupied countries, despite them doing the same.

Churchill, also like Truman, opposed stalin in an aggressive manner, even despite their ‘great’ alliance, not only in ww1 but also ww2.  Churchill greatly influenced tension, as he, in his aim of not punishing Germany too harshly, aroused suspicion in stalin. Stalin believed that Churchill was in favour of Germany because he wanted them to recover in quick time to, yet again, invade the soviet state. Moreover, the article believes the atlantic charter of 1941 which clearly stated that no one country were to dominate or bring in a government to another–countries should have the right to a free gov– Churchill, however, revealed that this didn’t apply for the british. Again, the aggression and hypocrisy of the west thickened the tension already present since the revolution that had converted Russia into a communist state.

To conclude, this article disregards the traditional attitude of the western world to blame Russia for being responsible for the cold war, but it in fact, takes a look on things from the perspective of, perhaps a soviet civilian. The article reflects revisionist beliefs of who was responsible for the starting of the cold war.


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