Who Was To Blame For The Cold War?

Who was to blame for the Cold War – The USA or the USSR?

This article briefly summarises who was to blame for the Cold War and also allows you to interpret your own view of who you think was to blame, or whether or not it was an inevitable cause whereby it was just a matter of time.

There is no known reason for why the Cold War actually started however modern historians have come to believe that there are three justifications for the start of the Cold War.

The first explanation being that the USSR is at fault. This is because Stalin had desired to dominate the world under Communism and thus his goal to take over Eastern Europe dramatically escalated the situation. Some may even go as far as to say that his own greed was the start of the Cold War seeing that he was continuously seeking a buffer zone and wanted to use the USAs military power to his advantage in order fend off invasions, if they were to occur.

Yet some may say that the USA was to blame for the start of the cold war because they wanted to control and influence their sphere of influence without any intervention by another nation however they wouldn’t allow the USSR to do the same. As a result of this, any action taken on the part of the USSR was merely seen to be defensive. They also limited the USSRs power to make any decisions at all and tried to minimalize any progress they tried to make in order to expand and be greater as a country.

Finally, there is also the idea that neither the USR nor the USA is at fault in this cause. This being because they were the leading two great super powers of the world at the time and had conflicting ideologies which clashed against each others in order to succeed. This then created tension between the two super powers as they were unable to progress without getting into the others path.






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