Cold War and The Space Race

The article containing the information used can be found here.

The major idea presented within the article above is that methods of fighting the Cold War- like the strategic use of third world countries and the arms race- were not the sole tactics utilised by the US and USSR in order to compete whilst avoiding direct conflict and thus mutually assured destruction. The piece emphasises the great significance of the space race as a means for both superpowers to firstly display their contributions towards technological advances and secondly their global influence. The writer explains in detail about both countries’ apparent obsession for space exploration and origins of this, and outlines the causes of misconception concerning hostility between Soviet and American pioneers of space technology research.

Furthermore some of the key uses of satellite technology for the Cold War and reasons behind why both powers invested such extreme amounts of time and money into these technologies are specified, to overall educate readers how the separate achievements, and the first side to gain such achievements, could potentially create immense prestige and global recognition for both the USA and the Soviets.



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