Tension 1939- Russian Revolution/ Cold war


This Article explains how tension increased from 1917  up to 1939 and how it potentially resulted into the Russian revolution, this Article was constructed as a document to Trotsky’s biography of Lenin (all his establishment whilst he was alive ), it also includes all the incomplete work of the biographical means of Stalin. This Article makes it very clear of the social relations of Russia and Lenin’s theory and influence over people in Russia during 1917 . For example, the theory of the “democratic dictatorship of the proletariat and peasantry”. Moreover, it also includes Joseph Stalin’s attitudes ideologies. In this Article, there are many influences as to why a Cold war occurred. For example, during 1917 Karl Marx introduced the ideology of communism within the Russian society with a set of stages which was to eradicate the bourgeois  to make the social class all fair and equal. This theory influenced many Dictators such as Stalin who fought on the side of Communism in contrast to Capitalism which may have been one of the influential reason as to why tension grew between the superpowers  in the years 1939 and resulted in the cold war as the superpowers both had two conflicting ideologies that lead to the division within Europe. For example, The USA believed in the idea that individuals had ownership of industries and the USSR believed in state owned industries. Another factor, could be the idea that as soon as Lenin died, It paved away for Stalin to take control of Russia and put forward his ideology to the world.

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